Silo Weighing Systems

By placing load cell weighing modules in your tanks, silos, bunkers and reactors , their weights can be measured and filled and discharged at the desired weight. Thus, you can continuously monitor the raw material and finished product weights stored in your tanks and silos. The tank, where the products are stored from the follow up of raw material quantities in production to the chemical , petrochemical, building materials, agriculture and many other sectors, from proportional mixing and dosing processes in production , from product stock tracking to loading and shipping processes. Weighing , Silo, Bunker , Mixer and Reactors provide much healthier and more reliable results than many alternatives by monitoring the levels or determining the product quantity. It provides maintenance-free service for a long time by means of non-contact measurement of the material, and its accuracy can be checked quickly and easily thanks to its calibration on-site . It gives reliable results by not being affected by process variables such as heat, viscosity and pressure .