Bucket ,Loader Weighing Systems

When the distance of your loader and weigher is far away , the system is completely domestic production in order to prevent the vehicles from going back and forth between the loader and the weigher repeatedly until the desired tonnage is reached with the measurement of max ± 1% deviation as long as it is used in the conditions recommended by the voice, visual warning screen and advanced CANbus processor. The system is extremely easy to install and use, and allows calibration even by the user through electronic calibration.

 Crane Torque System

It is a torque actuator and limiting device with CANbus software that compares the lift piston pressures to the values ​​stored in the system .

When it reaches the Torque sisitem only reduce the load center and machine yellow light warns the buzzer dashed appropriate action to allow the limit determined verir.önce up to 90% the green light from 90% since for safety. If it reaches 100%, it warns with red lamp and continuous audible warning.

Microswitches placed in the balance feet Thanks to this, the contact of the feet to the ground is kept under constant control , in case of any contact with the ground, the red lamp and audible warning are activated and if there is a stop valve, the movement is interrupted. All risky studies are recorded in the KARA BOX and this record can be printed as EXCELL format upon request. All electronic products used are EN / ISO 13849/1 certified.




 The high stability of the basket platform, which is used in high-distance operations today , is automatically compensated by high software and CAN- bus and minimizes the likelihood of accidents due to stability.




It is a simple and convenient system that can be applied to the truck in any type and tonnage . It provides measurement with max ± 1% deviation as long as it is used in recommended conditions with audible and visual warning screen . Weighing your weighing by hand or automatically adds to the load. In this way, your load can be provided without going to the scale.